• Minnesotan Weather Brooklyn Park March 11, 2011

    Captured with my Nokia N8

    published: 12 Mar 2011
  • Fridley- Brooklyn Park, MN Tornado Helicopter Video clips 1986

    This is one of my favorite tornado vides even though it is over 25 years.

    published: 09 Oct 2011
  • New York Tornado Hits Brooklyn Port (Confirmed Tornado: National Weather Service)

    (This is a confirmed tornado: National Weather Service) 09.16.2010 I started filming to get an image of all the lightning, but then realized there was a black column from the sky down to the water on the left... The Statue of Liberty is barely noticeable directly above the tail end of the Pepsi truck. Notice how fast it all starts moving about a minute in... Then, watch the driving rain on surface of the water. There was a moment of snow that I think is not visible. The waves of what look like fog rolling is actually water in the air. I'm not sure if the building was hit with something... At one point I turn around and try to show the rug is being picked up by the draft from under the door... It's all over in about 4 minutes.

    published: 17 Sep 2010
  • The Dead Weather, No Horse, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY 8-3-10

    The Dead Weather performing "No Horse" at Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY 8-3-10.

    published: 04 Aug 2010
  • Brooklyn the weather girl

    6/15/14 falls park sf sd

    published: 19 Jun 2014
  • RMS science teacher keeps close tabs on weather

    Ask Robbinsdale Middle School science teacher David Reynolds about the weather, and you might get a few more details than you bargained for. "Everybody calls me the weather guy," says Reynolds. For the last eight years, he's gotten up-to-the-second information from his own weather station that is located on the roof of Robbinsdale Middle School. He bought the weather station with a grant and school money back in 2007 and used it at Sandburg Middle School. When that school closed and he shifted to Robbinsdale Middle School, the weather station went right up on the roof to record wind speed, temperature, and more. "You have your own personal newscaster," says Ange Lawson, an eighth grader at the school. "You can go to him whenever you want and he can tell you what the weather is going to ...

    published: 30 Apr 2015
  • 1986 Fridley/Brooklyn Park, MN Tornado (WCCO Radio Coverage)

    Content from http://radiotapes.com/specialpostings.html#Tornadoes This was the tornado. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SphbqvD7qSQ

    published: 26 Jan 2016
  • 3 Things you didn't know about Brooklyn Park

    How well do you know Brooklyn Park? See if you know any of these facts about the sixth largest city in Minnesota. Brooklyn Park has Michigan roots "Fourteen families came here from Adrian, Michigan," said local historian Darr